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The customer contacted us to resurface an ambulance bay that was located immediately outside their emergency department and their helipad elevator. When we arrived to inspect the project, the project manager informed us that this space also had to meet health codes. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the hospital was required to have an overflow space separate from the emergency department to house patients. While this situation was unlikely, it was going to be a space that would see medical waste and road debris. It was paramount that we make this space easy to clean and slip-resistant.

Holy Family Before Holy Family Before 2

Upon inspection of the space, we found that it was damaged due to erosion by road salt. There were small cracks in the substrate that did not penetrate through the slab and multiple areas of salt spalling. We also had to address the issue of timing because the customer could not close this area for a long period of time. After discussion with the hospital staff, the decision was made to install a full flake floor in the color Twilight. Due to ambulance staff running on the floor, we decided to do one scrape to provide an extremely anti-slip texture to the floor. The floor was scheduled to be installed on a Friday and back in service on Sunday.

Polished floor Polished floor

It was 32 degrees when we started the project. The area was heated although both bay doors had to remain open. Two propane grinders were brought to the project and yellow double button diamonds were used to achieve the optimal scratch pattern. After all, dust was removed, Fortress Fix Fast was applied to all damaged concrete. Seventeen minutes after application, the Fix was ready to be ground flush. Fortress Foundation Fast was then applied at the rate of 250 square feet per gallon in the color Gray. The Twilight flake was broadcasted at 40 pounds per 300 square feet.

Due to cold temps, the installers of the project waited 93 minutes to begin scraping. They scraped once, per the client’s request, and achieved the rough finish that would best suit the needs of the space. After all excess flake was recovered and cleaned up, the crew began installing the Fortress Final in the speed, Fast. This was applied at a rate of 125 square feet per gallon.

This project totaled 2,340 square feet and was completed by six crew members in seven hours. The hospital was able to return this area to full service by 6 a.m. on Sunday. They are very pleased with the finished project and praised both its functionality and beauty.